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Quality – A fresh and comprehensive look

Let me tell straightway that unlike many other technical posts in this site that are based on existing technical facts gained from books, articles, practical experience etc., this particular post is all about my very own interpretation (or definition) of the term “quality”. Since, this is purely based on my view on the term, just … Continue reading

Supertall buildings already exist. What’s next ?

The rapidly and upwardly mobile skylines of the mega cities of today’s world remind one of the much used saying “the sky is the limit”. Where are the mid-rises? Can’t even see them. And, the high-rises? Yeh, can see them somehow. Dwarfed and rendered insignificant by the menacingly tall ones. In fact, people seem to … Continue reading

Construction boom – The Dragon Vs The West

Construction boom, one could strongly argue, has no more remained a western pie only. Gone are the days when the rest of the world used to gaze at USA or Europe with awe and possibly drooling lips. Few others too began emerging in the scene, with vigour, in the course of time. Of course, one … Continue reading

Tailor-made holiday packages for techies!

Who doesn’t like to go on vacation ! So does a techie too. An well deserved trip to a holiday spot after a long hectic schedule can be one of the sweetest pies life has to offer. Now, this being a civil construction related blog the term “techie” here is primarily limited to civil construction … Continue reading