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Fly Ash in Civil Construction

It was an usual scorching summer day and I was to collect and despatch a few bags of fly ash for detailed testing in an off-site laboratory. It was an area where the mercury was habituated in fumbling around the 50¤C mark, especially, during the pinnacle of the summer season. Sweating happily under the glaring … Continue reading

Field Compaction in construction sites

Compaction is an important and integral activity of virtually any construction project, be it a road construction project, an industrial construction project or a building construction project. This article briefly highlights some quite useful details on various types of field compaction, their suitability for different types soil or materials and also on various types of … Continue reading

Widely used Construction Equipments

Construction equipments are integral parts of any construction project, be it industrial project, building project, pipeline project or any other for that matter. Without construction equipments a project would virtually come to a standstill. There are many varieties of these equipments meant for diverse purposes. Due to frequent development of technologies and ever changing needs, … Continue reading

Roads with flexible pavement – Part 5

Contd. from Part 4 …. ( https://civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/roads-with-flexible-pavement-part-4 ) For mixing purpose, bitumen for the bituminous base course is to be heated to a temperature between 135¤C and 170¤C. The aggregates are to be dried in hot bins at a max. temperature of 170C. In case the aggregates have enough moisture in it to cause foam … Continue reading

Roads with flexible pavement – Part 4

Contd. from Part 3 ….. ( https://civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/roads-with-flexible-pavement-part-3/ ) In this post the various quality test requirements on bituminous courses or the asphalt portion of pavement have been highlighted. Like cement concrete mixes, the bituminous mixes or the the bituminous concrete used as pavement seal too need to be designed for economy as well as for … Continue reading

Roads with flexible pavement – Part 3

Contd. from Part 2 ( https://civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/roads-with-flexible-pavement-part-2-2/ ) ….. For sub-grade, tests like Modified Proctor Density, Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) etc. are important pre-construction tests. The key quality parameters to be remembered for sub-grade are: CBR value should not be less than 40% at in situ density and moisture content. Minimum in situ dry density not … Continue reading

Roads with flexible pavement – Part 2

Contd. from Part 1 ….. ( https://civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/roads-with-flexible-pavement-part-1/ ) In Part-1 the basic structures of flexible road pavement, road formation etc. have been discussed. In this post some more important and practically relevant matters on flexible road pavement are discussed. Construction of these pavement involve the following important aspects: * Preparation of sub-grade level as per … Continue reading

Roads with flexible pavement – Part 1

Construction of roads is quite a vast subject. Here, some salient areas or aspects of construction of roads with flexible pavement has been discussed briefly. Purpose is to enable one to quickly have an overall grasp on practical road construction based primarily on British and American specifications. Unlike a rigid pavement where the load bearing … Continue reading