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A Thermal Power Project at a glance (Part-2)

Part-1 of this article discussed the Turbo-Generator & the Power House structures of a thermal power plant. Some other important components of such a plant are: The Boiler Structure: As the name suggests, this very important structure hosts the boiler drum at a certain height. It is usually a quite tall structural steel framework consisting … Continue reading

A Thermal Power Project at a glance (Part 1)

Civil construction personnel new to a thermal power project and seeking to have a brief overall idea of the same may find this article handy. While few minor things could vary from plant to plant, broadly most element would be similar & may differ only in shapes & sizes. Following are some of the major … Continue reading

Gas Pipeline Project at a glance

Construction personnel including civil engineers, who want to know or are newly or about to be involved in a Gas Pipeline Project may find this piece of writing useful in order to have a quick panoramic understanding of the same. The on site execution of a typical Gas Pipeline project broadly includes the following steps … Continue reading