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Grouts & grouting (Part-III)

Contd. from Part-II…. Pre-packed, ready-to-use grouts have many advantages over ordinary grouts prepared in-situ with OPC. One need not worry about procuring ingradients or mix proportion etc. as everything come ready in bags and it just needs to be mixed with water or the prescribed fluid as per manufacturer’s literature. These grouts are readily available … Continue reading

Grouts & grouting (Part-II)

Contd. from Part-I…. For mixing purpose, revolving type, tilting mixer of suitable capacity may be used. For preparing small quantity of grout, large mixer drum is not suitable as proper mixing won’t take place. Mixing needs to be done for a minimum period of 3 minutes & mixing location should be as near as possible … Continue reading

Grouts & grouting (Part-I)

Material used for filling the space or gap between the base or base plate of a column, trestle, machine etc. and the top surface of it’s foundation is called grout and the process of filling grout is called grouting. The main objectives of grouting is to maintain alignment of the erected structure or equipment etc. … Continue reading