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Monster Construction Machines

In one of the earlier posts titled “Widely Used Construction Equipment”, diverse equipment or machines commonly seen or heard about in construction sites were mentioned. Some of them are small in their sizes while some are big. But how big or powerful could these machines really be? In a programme in the TV channel named … Continue reading

Extreme Highways

Highways are important elements in our lives, both for those involved in their construction or anyone else for that matter. All of us need to travel in highways from time to time and they make our lives lot easier. This website not only aspires to provide some useful technical information about practical construction, but also … Continue reading

The Proposed Rotating Skyscraper – Would it be a reality ?

The everchanging concepts of architecture, design or construction of buildings are not only pushing the three dimensions of these structures ie, height, length & width relentlessly, they are also now beginning to extend the frontiers of what could be perceived as the fourth dimension – the creative imagination. While the other three dimensions have practical … Continue reading

World’s Largest Wind Power Projects

The Walney offshore wind farm, when opened on 9th February 2012, became the largest offshore wind farm in the world with a generating capacity of 367 MW. Built at a cost of around $1.9 billion, this wind farm off the coast of Crumbia in UK is jointly owned by Dong Energy, SSE, Ampere Equity Fund … Continue reading

World’s Largest Buildings

The Boeing Everett factory in Washington, USA is not only the largest factory building in the world it also holds the distinction of the largest building of any kind in the world by volume. At a staggering 0.472 billion cubic foot this colossal building, occupying an area of almost 100 acres (0.4 million sq.m.) is … Continue reading

World’s largest and busiest Airports

King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia is by far the largest airport in the world in terms of area. Occupying an area of nearly 780 square km, according to some reports, this airport itself is bigger than even it’s neighbouring country Bahrain. However, the entire area has not been utilised yet. Saudi Arabia has … Continue reading

Supertall Buildings of the World

Buildings are often classified as high-rises, mid-rises, skyscrapers, supertalls etc. by their heights. Some cities in the world have now become hubs for skyscrapers and supertall buildings with newer ones showing up every now and then pushing their skylines up further and further. This article lists some of the tallest buildings in the world, either … Continue reading

World’s largest Solar Power project goes on stream in 2013

The 392 MW Ivanpah solar thermal project, being constructed by Bechtel in south California’s Mojave Desert, is reportedly the world’s largest solar power project as of now. It’s commissioning slated for 2013, this solar power plant would have a net output of 370 MW after deducting 22 MW to be consumed in running the plant. … Continue reading

The tallest building designed by a female architect

The marvelous Aqua Tower in Chicago, USA is claimed to be the tallest building in the world designed by a female architect whose name is Jeanne Gang. However, height is not what it is famous for as there are good number of other buildings around the world that are taller than this one. It is … Continue reading

Now, a hotel in the space too

A hotel in the space, about 450 km above the earth, is under construction and is expected to be open for guests this year itself. Named Galactic Suite Space Resort, owned by a company named Galactic Suite Limited, this hotel can accomodate 4 guests and 2 astronaut-pilots at a time. Traveling in an orbit at … Continue reading