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Civil engineering or civil construction is not only about buildings, roads, bridges, railways, huge structures and the likes of them. Nor is it only about construction materials like cement, concrete, steel, bricks and so forth. It is associated with all of our lives, in one way or another, without which life would virtually come to a standstill.

Like most other subjects it is also a sea of knowledge. In fact, most of the technically well-equipped persons, the experts included, can probably claim only a small stake in this huge knowledge pool. The author of this blog is no exception either. Most of us end up using only a small portion of what we learn through the curriculums of our colleges.

Exposure to practical construction activities often presents one the opportunity to assimilate many important elements which they don’t (or, can’t) during their educational life which primarily involves learning theories. Even though whatever one does in the construction arena is always based on some theories, one realises the importance of practical experience sooner or later.

While fully underlining the importance of theories, which are the foundations of all structures, one would also agree that not all of those are highly relevant to the tasks one actually performs in the offices or construction sites. One may get perplexed as to which of them are most relevant and to what extent (as there are no such guidelines in the textbooks) until one starts engaging themselves in the real action.

Here in http://www.civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com this particular issue is being continually tackled by publishing posts that provide technical details and information as relevant as possible from the angle of practical construction work. The blog is intended to benefit those who are new to the construction domain, those who are already involved, students and all those who might take interest in this little space because of other contents such as construction news & events, amazing structures and so forth.

These are available in great detail in various books, codes, technical specifications, job procedures, the web, etc. The author utilises his knowledge gained from such resources and from his valuable practical experience imbibed during his career in construction spanning over one and a half decade. Copies of general technical documents, handwritten notes, etc occasionally kept by the author for future reference are proving to be quite useful in amplifying the technical posts.

Content obtained from the web such as construction news & events, amazing structures are usually taken from sources providing them freely and are then presented in the author’s very own diction. These are also duly attributed to their sources and sometimes the source is informed.

The author does not claim absolute accuracy or authenticity of the content provided in this blog in spite of his best efforts to maintain these important elements throughout the blog. Readers are welcome to point out deficiencies, errors, discrepancies, shortcomings and so forth, if noticed. Readers are also welcome to give comments, suggestions, views, etc.

The email to be used for all purposes is clazcons@gmail.com.

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