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Quality Documents and Their Control

Documents are part and parcel of any construction project, be it a small, medium or a large one. Large projects like industrial and realty construction projects usually comprise of a number of departments working in co-ordination with one another and most of them generates a considerable volume of documents. One of the highest document producing … Continue reading

The 4th Annual Bridges Asia, 26 – 27 Feb, 2013

The 4th edition of Annual Bridges Asia, deemed as Asia’s biggest conference on sustainable bridge infrastructure developments, will be held in InterContinental Grand Standford in Hong Kong on 26th & 27th February, 2013. The event with the keynote “efficient design, construction and maintenance of long span bridge projects” is being organised by IQPC. The conference … Continue reading

Modular Construction – The next big thing in the construction world? (Part – II)

Contd. from Part-I ….. Don’t be surprised to see someday lavitating buildings that not only can float but also would be capable of moving from one location to another with ease. Can’t rule out flying buildings either – buildings capable of taking off and fly like airplanes enabling it’s dwellers to move to other areas … Continue reading