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Arresting Alternative Career Avenues for Those in the Construction or the Engineering domain – Part B

Contd. from Part-A ……

Wish you all a very happy new year.

So, the discussion in progress is all about career avenues that are related to the theme of this blog, although, are quite different in nature or scope of work. To know more about opportunities like them the author delved into the career related links of the aforementioned web portal. Here is what resulted in.

In my opinion, a quite striking element of such a career avenue is that an employee has a good deal of leeway to savour an ‘a la cart’ meal, ie choose one’s choice items (read – responsibilities) rather than settling, willy-nilly, for a ready-made meal (the commonly seen or the usual job) where an employee would usually have few options left but to chew or swallow whatever is served to them.

The former kind endows one much greater flexibilities to configure the job responsibilities according to one’s individual tastes rather than adapting oneself to or getting maneuvered by the responsibilities of the job itself. One has the freedom of choosing roles & slots that befit one’s aptitude. These attributes can result not only in higher productivity and rewards but also in greater job satisfaction to the deserving ones.

Also, those who are highly into some sort of high-flying or intriguing careers, some (if not all) of these employment can provide the kind of avenues they are looking for as one would be frequently dealing with diverse organisations, projects, people, places, ideas, construction materials, equipment and what not. Opportunities to interact and network with some of the brightest minds in these domains too present themselves quite often. All these attributes can not only render one’s job more intriguing and rewarding, but also can lead the more adventurous kinds to entirely different ball games.

Now, these are based on the observation of the author which is based on some details found in one website only. However, it is quite possible that most career avenues in most other similar entities would have considerable similarities. Yet, tread with your own discretion as career related matters are usually highly individual and subjective ones.

Also, the purpose is not to denigrate the commonly seen jobs. After all, they not only revolve around the core of construction or engineering activities but also are the biggest employers in these domains.

So, what are the necessary traits that can lead an aspirant to a plum situation in an entity like this? Apparently, academic distinctions alone may not be good enough to take things forward effectively in many of these employment. One is expected to be endowed with a good deal of soft skills too, including traits like idea generating capability and the likes of it.

An ambitious person with an innovative mind, not readily daunted by challenges, can be an ideal prospect for such avenues. An aspirant is expected to have a proven track record besides being energetic & smart, inspiring & solution oriented. Thinking outside the box and ability to influence and engage others with one’s personality are few other elements that such an employer would look for in their prospective employees.

One is also expected to be a quick & effective decision maker capable of generating new biz opportunities and deliver meaningful results. Few more desired qualities for some of these jobs are project management & finance management skills, leadership, expert sector knowledge, flair for fostering other’s talents, good understanding of the commercial aspects of a business and so forth. All of these skills may not be required for all types of jobs. Yet, a healthy combination of all or most of them can be the recipe for success in such career avenues.

All sorts of jobs demanding diverse skills exist in these firms. The company that was alluded to earlier classifies it’s jobs broadly into four categories : production, marketing, delegate sales & sponsorship sales. Job designations include producers, sr. producers, managing directors, programme directors, event directors, divisional directors, sponsorship sales exe. directors, sponsorship sales directors, web content editors, researchers, industry experts, marketing managers, conference sponsorship sales executives, conference producers, conference team leaders, delegate sales executives, etc.

As already mentioned, different jobs may demand different sets of skills. Also, these categories and designations may vary from organisation to organisation.

What can an employee expect in return for all his or her skills and efforts? The website the author delved into states the following: an exceptional remuneration that befits one’s abilities, high earning potential through profit sharing paradigms, bonuses right from the outset of service, opportunities to deliver results through an unrestricted working environment, opportunities for career & financial growth commensurate with one’s abilities and so on. There are also provision for training & development programmes, informal coaching, international retreats and so forth, all aimed at enhancing key skills like effective networking, team building, programme management, biz communication, financial management, negotiation, deal making, leadership, marketing, commercial awarness, etc.

So, those who feel that they are taken with such career avenues and have what it takes to be there, can go in for them. There are varieties of other areas as well, providing plenty of equally or even more appealing career avenues where people from diverse backgrounds are getting employed.


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  1. Since, the subject of this submit revolves around jobs in global platforms, it is especially meant for the global visitors of this blog. This blog is one of those low-traffic niche blogs that draws visitors from across the globe like many others. While the bulk of the visitors come from India, US and (guess what?) UAE in that particular order, a portion of them come from more than a hundred countries – 115, to be precise.

    Posted by clazcons | January 9, 2013, 18:47

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