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Arresting Alternative Career Avenues for Those in the Construction or the Engineering domains – Part A

In a world that is constantly shaping and configuring it’s state of affairs in order to stay with or even be ahead of time – at a pace much faster than that of even the craziest imagination of souls like you and me – the days, apparently, are not far away when one would be frequently stumbling across chic banners revealing actualities like “jobs galore in the Moon”, “exciting situations vacant in Mars” or inviting aspirants to be part of a team assiduously working in a comet poised to whiz past planet earth balefully. And then, someone would casually tell another “moon, comet and mars are arrant cliches – let’s wait for the intriguing vacancies in Jupiter and beyond that to show up”.

Never write anything off as impossible. Yesterday’s chimeras are today’s realities and one doesn’t need to look into the annals time and again to attest to that. Besides, these are simpler fantasies and many must have achieved much better feats when it comes to fantasising. Now, if you really want to digress from the core of a theme this is how you do it.

Joking apart, the intention is not to digress from the blog-theme but to relish one of those occasional breathers in the form of an article and try to use it beneficially. So, why begin in a way that could smell bombastic? Because, it is not and that is what is the crux of this post – career avenues, albeit a slightly different and arresting ones.

So, we have read about ‘this’, we did also read about ‘that’. Now we are going to read about ‘it’ – ie about jobs that are related to the engineering or construction domains, yet not the usual ones crossing one’s mind instantly. These are alternative kind of jobs related to the aforementioned domains and can be equally or, in fact, more tempting as well as rewarding than the usual ones, provided one has what it takes to be successfully in such avenues.

Why call them ‘alternative career avenues’? As already mentioned, they don’t entail performing the usal tasks involving the commonly seen jobs such as project manager, construction engineer, design engineer, planning engineer, quality manager, construction supervisor and so forth. Even though these career avenues are very much related to engineering, infrastructure, construction and the likes of those, they are basically about facilitating a holistic development of those realms rather than about direct participation in the execution of projects or ventures.

Recently I happened to stumble on the career pages of the web portal of a company that organises conferences and seminars not only on engineering, infra, construction and similar themes but also on variety of other realms as well. Since, this space is essentially about construction related matters, career opportunities involving only such domains will be discussed in this post. In fact, many of the job opportunities in such firms are quite befitting ones for personnel beloning to diverse backgrounds.

With spectacular advancement happening continually in all sorts of technologies, the world is getting reduced to a little global village in many sense. Developments in many dimensions are occurring at phenomenal rates. Engineering, construction and the likes of them too have remained no exceptions at all. Newer developments in technologies, concepts, methodologies, etc are pushing the frontiers all the time achieving greater heights.

“Construction boom” phenomenon too is continually getting extended to new and new regions of the globe and is poised for exponential growth. Many people across the globe are highly into securing a pie of the whole development, both in and around their own regions as well as in far-off places.

This is where the relevance of such platforms or forum arise which can cater to the needs of those aspiring to expand their business activities, secure greater visibility and have access to the latest concepts, technologies, information, etc. Such forums can have diverse forms such as summit, exposition, trade fair, conference, seminar, exhibition and so on, meant for diverse purposes. The organisations providing them don’t build projects or produce materials by themselves. In stead, they participate indirectly in the process by making sure that the right kind of participants (or stakeholders in projects) from across a region or the globe congregates under one roof in order to reap the benefits they are looking for by engaging in meaningful interaction.

The responsibility of such a company is to organise and manage such events, regionally or globally, and ensure the participation of the most relevant people, entities, etc that can draw varieties of benefits from each other such as exchange of useful information, networking, assimilation of the latest developments in tools, technologies, methodologies, concepts, ideas, getting aware of opportunities in existing and upcoming ventures and so on and so forth. They also manage pools of relevant knowledge and information, a healthy network of existing and prospective participants besides other aspects.

The company this author has mentioned about already, organises such conferences or seminars globally and is a leading one in this arena. There are many other firms too engaged in organising all sorts of events. The reason why the author is alluding to this firm rather than mentioning it’s name again and again is to maintain a generality in this article without rendering it (particular) company-specific.

No wonder that with the rapid expansion of engineering or construction related activities across the planet, the relevance and necessity of such platforms and, thus, that of the organisations providing them have only been growing by the years. The aforementioned firm claims that on average around three such events are organised by them across the globe each day.

Now, obviously these companies too need manpower. The employment opportunities in them also keep on growing with their growth. Such entities are not new and have been there for quite sometime. However, now they too seem to have emerged as a force to be reckoned with – in terms of their utility, employability, prospect, etc.

Contd. in Part-B ……


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  1. Hi there all, here every person is sharing such experience, so it’s nice to read this webpage, and I used to go to see this webpage every day.

    Posted by X Ray Tec | April 17, 2013, 03:41

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