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12 Easy-to-remember Steps for Designing a Concrete Mix

Mentioned below are twelve simple steps for designing any standard concrete mix as per Indian Standards. For mixes of very high strength (say, M60 and above) there may be special requirements over and above these steps or special design procedures itself. These easy-to-remember steps were derived by the author from the on-site mix design procedure … Continue reading

Some Important Quality Control Tests Commonly Conducted at Construction Sites

Many and assorted quality control tests are conducted regularly in the quality control laboratories at various construction sites. The types and quantum of tests conducted depend on factors like the type of project, size of the project, the degree of importance laid on the quality domain, budget for the project and so on. For example, … Continue reading

Modular Construction, Prefabrication & Logistics Summit, Texas – Dec 10 to 12, 2012

Modularisation of construction has been seemingly gaining more and more consequence over the recent years. Apparently, more and more people are now beginning to not only dilate on this relatively new yet striking concept of building structures but also are starting to adopt it because of the unique advantages it has to offer over the … Continue reading