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4th Annual Bridges Asia, 26 – 27 Feb, 2013

The 4th Annual Bridges Asia, regarded as the biggest conference in sustainable bridge infrastructure development in the Asian continent, will be held in Hong Kong from 26th to 27th February, 2013. The event is being organised by Construction IQ of IQPC. With three successful previous editions already under it’s belt, this event can be seen … Continue reading

Quality Control Tests on Commonly Used Clay Bricks – Part B

Contd. from Part-A ….. b) Efflorescence test : Conventional clay bricks may contain some amount of alkaline substance in them. However, the greater the presence of such content the greater the risk of efflorescence which appear in the surfaces of bricks as fine whitish layers (deposits). These are hard to control and can lead to … Continue reading

Quality Control Tests on Commonly Used Clay Bricks – Part A

Bricks are undoubtebly amongst the most commonly used construction materials anywhere. Incidentally, concrete is regarded as the most used construction material in the world in terms of weight or volume according to some estimates. Knowing a few simple yet important quality related details as well as about few quality tests on this widely used construction … Continue reading

IQPC Asia Construction Leaders’ Summit, Kuala Lumpur – 07 to 09 November, 2012

Construction industry has come one of the biggest contributors to regional economic growth which also consumes a great deal of assorted resources. In order to provide a regional platform to facilitate the early integration of all key stakeholders of infrastructure development which is of paramount importance, Construction IQ – the construction division of IQPC – … Continue reading