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Quality – A fresh and comprehensive look

Let me tell straightway that unlike many other technical posts in this site that are based on existing technical facts gained from books, articles, practical experience etc., this particular post is all about my very own interpretation (or definition) of the term “quality”. Since, this is purely based on my view on the term, just … Continue reading

Quality Control in Project Sites

Quality Control in any project construction site is as important as any other project related activity such as design, execution (of construction activities), planning and so on. Quality control succeeds quality assurance. QA & QC have already been discussed in good detail in one of the earlier posts. This site has a number of useful … Continue reading

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are extremely important aspects of any engineering or construction project without which successful completion of the project can’t be imagined. In fact, these two are integral parts of virtually any project one can think of. Proper implementation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control not only results in a sound project … Continue reading

Monster Construction Machines

In one of the earlier posts titled “Widely Used Construction Equipment”, diverse equipment or machines commonly seen or heard about in construction sites were mentioned. Some of them are small in their sizes while some are big. But how big or powerful could these machines really be? In a programme in the TV channel named … Continue reading

Concreting in Cold Weather

Hot weather concreting was discussed already in a couple of earlier posts. Like concreting in hot weather, concreting in cold weather too calls for special care. A brief discussion on the same finds place herein. When the temperature of a concrete mix is quit low the rate of setting or gaining strength for the concrete … Continue reading