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The Proposed Rotating Skyscraper – Would it be a reality ?

The everchanging concepts of architecture, design or construction of buildings are not only pushing the three dimensions of these structures ie, height, length & width relentlessly, they are also now beginning to extend the frontiers of what could be perceived as the fourth dimension – the creative imagination.

While the other three dimensions have practical limits, this fourth one or creative imagination obviously does not have any. Infusion of diverse and magnificent creative imagination into the realm of building construction is now beginning to lead to some awesome structures, at least in the papers. Since, there is no limit for this dimension unlike height or size, we can expect to see lot of marvels in the future that could be beyond our wildest imaginations. Apparently, this is just the beginning.

Supertall, massive, floating etc. etc. buildings are already out there. Projects like underwater residences, space hotels etc. are either being planned or are alredy under construction. And, now a skyscraper that would keep rotating constantly and would never look the same. One moment you see it in a particular shape, another moment you might not recognise it as it would have changed it’s shape completely.

Yes, that’s right ! Believe it or not, that is exactly what a new concept, being labelled as dynamic architecture, is apparently going to do. A tower that would keep changing it’s appearance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A real manifestation of the limitless fourth dimension.

This proposed skyscraper named the Dynamic Tower aka Da Vinci Tower, designed by architect David Ficher and to be developed by London based Dynamic Group, was initially proposed to be built in Dubai, but later shifted to London. It would be a mixed-use 420m tall building with 80 storeys. If the plan materialises, it would not only be the world’s first rotating tower, but also be the first prefabricated skyscraper of the globe.

Each floor of this enigmatic structure would be capable of rotating 360¤ and would actually be doing that non-stop, thus changing it’s look all the time. Isn’t that something? Each floor would be made up of a large number of modules that would be built in a factory and transported to the construction site for installation.

In all, about 90% of the building would be fabricated in factory leaving only the core to be built in situ. This in turn is expected to save substantial execution time, reduce workforce by as much as 2/3 rd and thus would be more cost efficient. A vast majority of the workers would work in the factory itself and only a handful would need to work in the actual construction site.

What’s more, the building has been designed to go green as the entire tower would be powered wind & solar energy. 79 wind turbines, one each between two adjacent floors, would generate more than enough energy to power the whole skyscraper and the excess energy would be poured into the grid.

The tower would reportedly clock a progress of one floor per week. The mixed use building would host residential apartments, offices and hotel. Cost of residential apartments would run upto $38 million. Apartments could be customised as per owner’s individual preferences.

Nevertheless, the most striking and revolutionary feature of the tower would be it’s ability to awe everyone by changing it’s shape relentlessly. Construction work is expected to commence sometime this year itself. If this awesome skyscraper comes alive someday, it indeed would be a real treat to the eyes.


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