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Colour Coated Decorative Roofing Sheets

With aesthetics and daylight solution both playing important roles in building construction, decorative colour coated roofing sheets have been gaining popularity as roofing solution for all sorts of buildings, especially in urban and industrial areas. These sheets can not only be used in large industrial or commercial buildings as daylight facilitator but also are being used in many residential buildings as alternatives to the conventional galvanised iron (GI) sheets or similar products, primarily for aesthical reasons.

Colour coated roofing sheets are commonly available in three forms – corrugated, troughed and tiled. They usually come with self drilling and self tapping screws with compatible washers. These sheets can be of metallic as well as non-metallic varieties. Metallic ones are usually galvnised steel sheets that have colour coats on both surfaces. The base material can be hot dipped galvanised steel and the steel can be either hot rolled or cold rolled. These high tensile strength structural steel sheets are initially coated with alloys of metals like Zinc or Aluminium. Thereafter, both sides of the sheets are given surface treatments with pigmented coats.

The colour coating usually consists of two coats, the base coat and the top coat. Colour coatings of various types and thicknesses may be applied in order to suit different requirements or applications. A typical example of a base or bottom coat is a 6 micron thick epoxy primer coat and an example of top or the finish coat is a 20 micron thick polyester coat. While the thickness of the base coat can be as high as 18 to 20 micron that of the top coat can be upto 50 microns or so.

Some commonly used paints for colouring roofing sheets for various applications are: Silicone Modified Polyesters (SMP), Poly Vinyldene Flouride (PVDF), Regular Modified Polyesters (RMP) etc.

Besides industrial, commercial or residential buildings, these roofing sheets can also be quite suitable for hotels and resorts, farmhouses, airport hangers, clubhouses, sports complexes and so on for enhancing the overall appearance of the structures.

Non-metallic colour coated roofing sheets are usually plastic sheets. A good example of this variety is polycarbonate roofing sheets which are often UV coated on both sides. These thermoplastic sheets are regarded as superior to fibreglass and are said to be 250 times stronger than ordinary glass. Besides being transperent, they are lightweight and thus easy to install. Coloured Polycarbonate sheets are widely used for north-light glazing, industrial skylights, greenhouses, patios, multiplexes, shopping malls etc. in order to provide daylight solutions besides adding to their aesthetics.

Some of the advantages of colour coated roofing sheets are:

They are aesthetically pleasing. Wide varieties of colours are available which can be choosen based on personal tastes.

Transperent colour coated roofing sheets like polycarbonate sheets are excellent options for providing daylight solution.

Besides being high strength roofing materials, they are more durable, all-weather friendly, corrosion resistant, thermally efficient and sleek, thanks to the highly protective colour coats which not just enhances the appearance.

Often manufactures give warranties against colour fading, corrosion, peeling of coats etc. In fact, that should be insisted as these are some of the important factors in choosing these sheets over others.

Many of these sheets are considerably lightweight and hence easy to install.

They come in many sizes, forms or thicknesses. Many of the colour coated roofing sheets can also be ordered in customised sections and thicknesses which makes them convenient as well.

Many of these colour coated sheets can be used for decorative walling purposes also.


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5 thoughts on “Colour Coated Decorative Roofing Sheets

  1. Interesting.. And so informative. Color coated roofing sheets are avail with us also. You can also visit our site @ http://www.ietc.in

    Posted by Vinayagamurthy | July 10, 2014, 19:03
  2. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post. The whole blog is very nice found some good stuff and good information here Thanks..Also visit my page Industrial Roofing

    Posted by weboptimiaindiaweboptimiaindia | March 5, 2014, 18:24
  3. It’ s look great when we use roof sheets with some amazing colours. It gives more unique style for each buildIing. I really found interesting about this blog. I bought one ordinary roof sheet and I applied one blue coloured powder coating from Automated coatings and now it really looks amazing…!

    Posted by Shawn R | January 10, 2014, 15:44
  4. Roofing industry is a wide aspect in building construction through all over the world. Colour coated roofing sheets are highly used in pre engineered applications. These are having wide number of applications in commercial and traditional works. In general colour coated roofing sheets can be observed at many places like offices, restaurants, garages, go downs, car parking sheds, warehouses etc. These sheets possess qualities like highly durable, flexible, corrosion resistant and also have high resistivity in thermal weather conditions. Hence these colour coated roofing sheets are highly beneficial for business and residential purposes.
    When compared to the past technology of roofing sheets, newer technology introduced a wide variety of colour coated roofing sheets with different types of steel metals. Steel metals may be like aluminium, copper, Zinc-aluminium, tin etc. Now a day roofing sheets can also be available in different shapes, sizes, gauges according to the customer need.
    As the usage of roofing sheets increased drastically from earlier, existing companies are possessing high standards according to CSSBI (Canadian sheet steel building institute). According to CSSBI, roofing sheets must have standards like flexibility, compatible, highly resistive to all weather conditions, especially in harsh conditions like rainy, wind and thermal condition. This helps customer to decide while buying roofing sheets. However a standard roofing sheet will have average life span of 50 years.
    In many applications, people use roofing sheets as they are less in cost and suitable to some sensitive products like medicines, food items, oils, weapon houses etc.
    When it comes to the colours of roofing sheets, silver coated is common colour available in market at any place, apart from this colour, newer colours like bottle green, sky blue, navy blue, brick red and some more are available in market now.
    When it comes to pure benefits of colour roofing sheets, these are easy in installation, very low maintenance, attractive in colour, beautiful, avoids rust and corrosion, avoids highly dangerous rays i.e., UV rays and infrared rays.

    Posted by ietc1 | October 11, 2013, 13:06
  5. this is an interesting blog about roofing sheets…Pre Painted Roofing Sheets are designed and developed using latest technical support as well as services of experienced professionals…thanks for this informative post.

    Posted by ietcproducts | August 5, 2013, 18:01

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