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Extreme Highways

Highways are important elements in our lives, both for those involved in their construction or anyone else for that matter. All of us need to travel in highways from time to time and they make our lives lot easier. This website not only aspires to provide some useful technical information about practical construction, but also … Continue reading

Hot Weather Concreting – Part II

Contd. from Part I ….. ( https://civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/hot-weather-concreting-part-i ) In Part-I, definitions of hot weather concreting and a few typical problems associated with such concreting were discussed. In this post some useful measures that need to be taken in order to perform concreting in hot weather condition without compromising important quality parameters such as workability, strength, … Continue reading

Hot Weather Concreting – Part I

With the onset of summer in india and many parts of the globe construction personnel will need to take extra care or additional measures when it comes to concreting. In fact, some parts of the world remain hot throughout the year. These are situations when paying attention to a few simple yet very necessary points … Continue reading

UPVC Doors and Windows

UPVC or uPVC stands for unplasticised PVC. Since, it is unplasticised ie, it is not softened by introducing plasticisers to PVC, it is harder and tougher than the usual PVC which is plasticised. Simply put, UPVC is a rigid and stronger form of PVC. Like PVC, UPVC too has diverse applications. Durability, light weight, decay … Continue reading

The Proposed Rotating Skyscraper – Would it be a reality ?

The everchanging concepts of architecture, design or construction of buildings are not only pushing the three dimensions of these structures ie, height, length & width relentlessly, they are also now beginning to extend the frontiers of what could be perceived as the fourth dimension – the creative imagination. While the other three dimensions have practical … Continue reading

Colour Coated Decorative Roofing Sheets

With aesthetics and daylight solution both playing important roles in building construction, decorative colour coated roofing sheets have been gaining popularity as roofing solution for all sorts of buildings, especially in urban and industrial areas. These sheets can not only be used in large industrial or commercial buildings as daylight facilitator but also are being … Continue reading

World’s Largest Wind Power Projects

The Walney offshore wind farm, when opened on 9th February 2012, became the largest offshore wind farm in the world with a generating capacity of 367 MW. Built at a cost of around $1.9 billion, this wind farm off the coast of Crumbia in UK is jointly owned by Dong Energy, SSE, Ampere Equity Fund … Continue reading