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Few more Civil Quality Control Laboratory Apparatus

In an earlier article a list of commonly used laboratory apparatus in a civil construction quality control laboratory was mentioned. In this post few more such equipments have been listed. Most of them are readily used in a site quality control laboratory while a few could be more handy in a commercial civil quality control laboratory.

For aggregates testing few more apparatus in addition to the previously mentioned ones are Compaction Factor Apparatus, Aggregates Impact Value Apparatus, Aggregates Crushing Value Apparatus, L A Abrasion testing Apparatus, Sieve Shaker etc.

For road construction work few more apparatus in addition to the previously mentioned ones are Flash and Fire points Testing Apparatus, Bitumen Penetrometer, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Coal Tar Viscometer, CBR Apparatus, Ductility Testing Apparatus etc.

For steel reinforcement testing few more apparatus in addition to the previously mentioned ones are Tensile Strength Testing Machine, Bend and Rebend Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Fatigue Testing Machine etc.

Some of the important tests conducted on water to be used for construction work are pH value, turbidity test, determination of solids, alkalinity test, hardness, determination of chlorides, sulphides and sulphates, determination of iron and manganese etc. There are other tests on water as well. A list of laboratory apparatus and materials required for conducting the abovementioned tests are steam bath, drying oven, digital balance, electric muffle furnace, imhoff cones, filter paper, desiccator, distilled water, evaporating dishes (200 ml), Jackson Candle Turbidity Meter or Photoelectric Turbidity Meter, pH meter, electrodes, pH papers, thermometer, buffer solution, Burette, Erlenmeyer flask, Pipettes, reagents for chloride determination test, spectrophotometer or Nessler tubes, conical flasks, bottles, jars, reagents for iron & manganese determination test, reagents for sulphates & sulphides determination test, reagents for alkalinity determination test, reagents for hardness determination test etc.


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