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IQPC Bridge Asia 2012 and Tunnel Design & Construction Asia 2012 Conferences

The 3rd Bridge Asia 2012 and 3rd Tunnel Design & Construction Asia 2012 Conferences will be hosted simultaneously by IQPC on 28th and 29th February 2012. The venue is Hongkong Convention & Exibition Centre in Hongkong. The conferences will be followed by a workshop on 1st March, according to reports.

The Bridge Asia conference will discuss design, construction, maintenance, strategies to ensure funding, individual needs of stakeholders, developing economic, efficient & sustainable infrastructure, among other issues. Besides panel discussions, this largest annual transport infrastructure conference in Asia will offer participants with opportunities for technical and commercial networking and exchanging information about upcoming bridge projects, investment patterns, advances in engineering, materials, technologies etc.

The conference will also present exhibitions and salient design, engineering & materials innovations happening across the region.

For the first time the Tunnel Design & Construction Asia 2012 conference will also be held concurrently with the above one. This conference will address the best practices in constructing efficient and durable tunnel infrastructures in the region. Besides discussing issues similar to those of Bridge Asia that are relevant to tunnels as well, it will also discuss urban tunnelling techniques, best practices in geotechnical investigation, risk management for Asia’s tunnel infrastructure among other topics.


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