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Supertall Buildings of the World

Buildings are often classified as high-rises, mid-rises, skyscrapers, supertalls etc. by their heights. Some cities in the world have now become hubs for skyscrapers and supertall buildings with newer ones showing up every now and then pushing their skylines up further and further. This article lists some of the tallest buildings in the world, either completed or in progress or planned. But, before that let’s see what exactly is the definition of a tall building.

Some classifications put any building with more than 12 storeys in the category of tall building. Buildings with more than 12 storeys but less than 25 storeys are further classified as mid-rises while those with at least 25 storeys or 90m height are labelled as high-rises. A skyscraper, on the other hand, is perceived as a tall building with many storeys meant usually for office and commercial use. Apparently, no height limit is attached to this term.

These days, another nomenclature has found it’s way to the lexicon of extremely tall buildings – the “supertall buildings” or simply “supertalls”. This term is apparently used to mean very tall buildings, i.e. the ones over 300m in height. Some of the supertalls in the globe are:

The Burj Dubai, 162 floors, 829m tall.

The One World Trade Centre in New York, 108 floors, 541m tall.

The Lotte World Tower II in Busan, 110 floors, 510m tall.

Pingan International Finance Centre in Shenzhen, 115 floors, 588m tall.

World One Tower in Mumbai, 117 floors, 450m tall.

Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, 105 floors, 330m tall.

Qatar National Bank in Doha, 101 floors, 510m tall.

Conventional Centre and Tower in Doha, 112 floors, 551m tall.

Chow Tai Fook Centre in Guangzhou, 111 floors, 530m tall.

Burj Al Alam in Dubai, 108 floors, 510m tall.

Lotte Tower in Seoul, 123 floors, 555m tall.

China 117 Tower in Tianjin, 117 floors, 597m tall.

Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, 128 floors, 632m tall.

The Pentominium in Dubai, 120 floors, 516m tall.

Damac Heights in Dubai, 100 floors, 426m tall.

Marina 106 in Dubai, 107 floors, m tall.

Princes Tower in Dubai, 101 floors, 415m tall.

Marina 101 in Dubai, 102 floors, 412m tall.

One World Trade Centre in New York, 105 floors, 541m tall.

Russia Tower in Russia, 118 floors, 600m tall.

Willis Tower in Chicago, 110 floors, 442m tall.

Stratosphere Tower in Vegas, 112 floors, 575m tall.

Shanghai World Financial Centre, 101 floors, 492m tall.

Taipei 101 in Taipei, 101 floors, 509m tall.

Al Quds Endowment Tower in Doha, 101 floors, 500m tall.

Twin Tower West in Guangzhou, 103 floors, 442m tall.

There are others and there will be many more in the futures. With building construction technologies improving by leaps and bound and increasing demands for more space in limited area, apparently, there is now an unspoken competition around the world to rule the skyline.

Ref: Wikipedia & skyscraperpages.com


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