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Useful Construction Chemicals – Part II

Contd. from Part I ….. From my personal experience in diverse projects in India as well as (short period) in the Gulf, I have a perception that construction chemicals are widely used in the Gulf region as compared to India. Extreme weather conditions there could be a reason though. For example, treatments for concrete surface … Continue reading

Useful Construction Chemicals – Part I

Construction chemicals have always been playing important roles in virtually all sorts of construction projects, be it industrial projects, residential building projects, commercial building projects and so on. These chemicals are often used in various elements of projects in order to achieve various important qualities such as workability, durability etc. Construction chemicals exist in many … Continue reading

Intermat 2012 (Construction Equipment Show) – 16th to 21st April, 2012

Intermat 2012, the international exhibition for civil construction and materials industry, will be held from 16th to 21st April, 2012 at the Nord Villepinte Exhibition centre in Paris. The exhibition, said to be world’s 2nd largest construction equipment show, is organised every three years. The event that attracts visitors from across the world provides good … Continue reading

World Ecoconstruct Summit – 22nd to 25th April, 2012

The World Ecoconstruct Summit, 2012 will be held from 22nd to 25th April at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in UAE. A major event in the arena of sustainable and green buildings, the summit will focus on various aspects of sustainable and green building construction including design, economics, asset management etc. Besides offering networking opportunities, … Continue reading

Site Quality Control Laboratory Apparatus for Soil Testing

In two of the previous posts, a number of laboratory apparatus readily used in construction site quality control laboratories were listed. Here, some more widely used laboratory equipments, exclusively meant for soil testing, have been mentioned. For determination of in situ soil density, density index etc. in any construction sites, two very commonly adopted site … Continue reading

Few more Civil Quality Control Laboratory Apparatus

In an earlier article a list of commonly used laboratory apparatus in a civil construction quality control laboratory was mentioned. In this post few more such equipments have been listed. Most of them are readily used in a site quality control laboratory while a few could be more handy in a commercial civil quality control … Continue reading

Protective Coating for Exposed Concrete Surfaces – Part I

Protective coatings for exposed concrete surfaces have become essential elements in construction projects, especially in harsh environments or for concrete surfaces subjected to any kind of harmful attack. Ingress of moisture into concrete may cause corrosion of steel reinforcement inside it which is harmful to concrete. Durability of even good quality concrete can suffer due … Continue reading

Protective Coating for Exposed Concrete Surfaces – Part II

Contd. from Part I ….. ( https://civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/protective-coating-for-exposed-concrete-surfaces ) The concrete protective coating should be able to prevent ingress of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide etc. and other atmospheric pollutants. It should be non-porous, sleek and be able to prevent growth of fungus, algae etc. It should be economical and require no or low … Continue reading

World’s Largest Buildings

The Boeing Everett factory in Washington, USA is not only the largest factory building in the world it also holds the distinction of the largest building of any kind in the world by volume. At a staggering 0.472 billion cubic foot this colossal building, occupying an area of almost 100 acres (0.4 million sq.m.) is … Continue reading

Field Compaction in construction sites

Compaction is an important and integral activity of virtually any construction project, be it a road construction project, an industrial construction project or a building construction project. This article briefly highlights some quite useful details on various types of field compaction, their suitability for different types soil or materials and also on various types of … Continue reading