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Responsibilities and qualities of a Construction Manager

An ideal construction manager, also called a project manager among other designations, is the one who oversees all aspects of a project right from it’s commencement to the commissioning which include planning, coordination and overall monitoring or supervision. A construction manager can be an individual in an employer’s payroll or an entire organisation itself. This article lists some of the key responsibilities of an individual construction manager.

A construction manager ( CM ) often assumes an important role in the very initial stage of a project. This includes playing active role in overall planning, budgeting to familiarising with local condition, local laws, by-laws, regulations, building codes etc. to hiring workers and so on.

Acquisition of land and obtaing necessary permits, licenses, certificates etc.

Establishing the project site for initiating construction activities. This includes making arrangements for electricity, water, accomodation, fooding and so on.

Mobilisation of adequate manpower and equipments.

Ensuring preparation of a project quality plan involving all aspects of the project such as construction quality control, procurement, stores, document control, HSE and so on.

Managing manpower which include site engineers, supervisors, other employees, workers etc. and overseeing construction work.

Ensuring smooth progress of construction activities in accordance with inspection test plans (ITPs), standards & specifications, work procedures, local building codes, by-laws, regulations etc.

Trying his or her best to adhere to project time schedule which includes construction time schedule, procurement schedule, design schedule etc.

Trying his or her best to adhere to the project cost schedule or the budget and looking for cost optimisation opportunities.

Ensuring implementation of project Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) requirements. Giving due importance to safety issues has become a matter of top priority in today’s world of massive and fast construction.

Co-ordinating all internal departments such as execution, quality, HSE, finance, contracts, procurement, stores, personnel & administration, planning , design etc. in order to ensure smooth functioning of the system.

Ensuring an efficient document control system.

Proper co-ordination with sub-contractors and their workforce.

Good co-ordination with company management.

Some of the key qualities necessary for an ideal construction manager are:

Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Ability to work under pressure or handle pressure situation.

Ability to identify and sort out bottlenecks or dispute situation in time .

Leadership, proactiveness, agility, enthusiasm, inspiration, discretion etc. are some of the most sought after elements in an efficient construction manager.

Multitasking or ability to handle variety of work is a must for such a person. For that, a construction manager is expected to have wide varieties of knowledge and skills. In fact, it is not very important for such a person to be a real expert or wizard in one or more subjects. If he is, then it’s an icing on the cake.

Ability to convince and persuade others.

Abilities to accept changes as well as challenges are quite useful traits of a successful construction manager.

There could be many more responsibilities or qualities worth adding to the abovementioned lists. But these are some salient ones to be looked for in such an individual.

Being a successful construction manager of a large project is quite a challenging job and by no means a cakewalk. While imbibing all of these qualities may not an easy task, an optimum presence of the same should serve the purpose quite well.


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