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Tailor-made holiday packages for techies!

Who doesn’t like to go on vacation ! So does a techie too. An well deserved trip to a holiday spot after a long hectic schedule can be one of the sweetest pies life has to offer. Now, this being a civil construction related blog the term “techie” here is primarily limited to civil construction techies or may be architects etc., but it can very well be extended to other techies as well.

Tourists often travel to sea beaches, hill stations or to places with lots of scenic beauty in search of some good times, in order to relax and enjoy life. Some of them would probably love to club a vacation or tour with little bit of knowledge gaining opportunity in their respective professions as well.

Surely, there would be plenty of tourist places around the globe which also are home to, or at least quite near to, ongoing megaprojects, iconic structures under construction or some state-of-the-art industries. Examples can be anything from a state-of-the-art power project or a waste water treatment plant to a high-class road project or a an ultra-modern skyscraper. The list can be long and interesting.

A techie tourist already involved in a particular project could take interest, given an opportunity, to a similar or even some other ongoing project related to their work or profession. For example, given the opportunity a civil engineer or construction personnel working in a road project may be interested in a quick visit to an ongoing high-class highway project near to his holidaying spot. This can possibly help him to gain some additional knowledge or to get in touch with the latest developments in the field. The same person could also be interested in seeing a nearby state-of-the-art power project to gain some first-hand exposure related to his stream. A construction personnel involved in an industrial project may have good exposure to industrial grouts but may lack knowledge on tile grouts related to buildings. He could be interested in visiting a nearby ultra-modern highrise under construction to gain a bit of quick first-hand exposure to that and many other useful things as well, if possible. In all of these, opportunities for exchange of ideas, bussiness related interaction etc. too can’t be rulled out. The possibilities could again be many and much more interesting.

One’s vacation would be spoiled only if one has to spend more time on these than on site-seeing or relaxing. A good number of techie-tourists probably won’t mind spending a minor portion of their planned holiday duration for such occasions, provided the same are relevant, important or appealing to them.

Tour or travel agencies can possibly make such tailor-made tour packages for a group of technical persons, if not for a single one, and make their tour more rewarding by including such items to their travel menu. Most tour package providers already have existing grand structures in their packages. So why not include some on ongoing megastructures or megaprojects suitably ?

In the era of fast changing technologies this could be another interesting way of getting in touch with the latest, exchanging idea or even stumbling upon bussinesses for that matter.

Found an interesting article titled ” top 50 travel spots for architecture buffs “. The link is http://constructionmanagementdegree.org/blog/2010/top-50-travel-spots-for-architecture-buffs .


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