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The fantastic Regatta hotel in Jakarta

This amazing structure overlooking the Java sea, sprawling accross eleven hectres of reclaimed land, is one and the biggest of the eleven towers built in that land. Based on a sea related concept, the ten 30-storey apartment towers represent ten “sailing ships” around a “lighting tower” represented by none other than the gorgeous hotel itself, according to the designer.

The project was designed by Atkins, the same company that designed the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Upon completion this fascinating aerodynamically shaped 5-star hotel became the icon of Jakarta.

Interestingly, all ten apartment buildings are named after ten famous port cities of the world – Rio De Janerio, Miami, Monte Carlo, Dubai, London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Acapulco and Sidney. In fact, the interior designs of these towers are said to be highly influenced by the signature architecture or aesthetics of the respective cities. The cost of each super luxurious apartment in those towers is around $30 million according to some reports.

But, it is the 0-shaped Regatta hotel building that steals the show.


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