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Now, a hotel in the space too

A hotel in the space, about 450 km above the earth, is under construction and is expected to be open for guests this year itself. Named Galactic Suite Space Resort, owned by a company named Galactic Suite Limited, this hotel can accomodate 4 guests and 2 astronaut-pilots at a time.

Traveling in an orbit at a speed of 30,000 km/hr, the hotel would circle the earth every 80 minutes and the guests on board would experience sunrise an unbelievable 15 times each day.

But all these won’t come too cheap. A 3-night stay in a 3-room suit would lighten the wallet of a guest by a hefty $4.4 million according to some www reports. The cost includes several weeks of pre-travel training to render the guest space-friendly.

This is not the only one of it’s kind. A russian organisation named Orbital Technologies too is building a 4-room hotel which is expected to be open by 2016.


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