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ENR Global Construction Summit to be held on 11th April 2012

A global construction summit will be held in New York on 11th April by ENR (Engineering News-Record). The summit, to be held in ENR’s Headquarters in New York, would reportedly focus on “strategies for growth in global markets”. The summit, meant for senior construction professionals, is expected to be attended by construction project owners, developers, … Continue reading

Responsibilities and qualities of a Construction Manager

An ideal construction manager, also called a project manager among other designations, is the one who oversees all aspects of a project right from it’s commencement to the commissioning which include planning, coordination and overall monitoring or supervision. A construction manager can be an individual in an employer’s payroll or an entire organisation itself. This … Continue reading

Construction boom – The Dragon Vs The West

Construction boom, one could strongly argue, has no more remained a western pie only. Gone are the days when the rest of the world used to gaze at USA or Europe with awe and possibly drooling lips. Few others too began emerging in the scene, with vigour, in the course of time. Of course, one … Continue reading

World’s largest Solar Power project goes on stream in 2013

The 392 MW Ivanpah solar thermal project, being constructed by Bechtel in south California’s Mojave Desert, is reportedly the world’s largest solar power project as of now. It’s commissioning slated for 2013, this solar power plant would have a net output of 370 MW after deducting 22 MW to be consumed in running the plant. … Continue reading

A simple yet inexpensive method of damp-proofing ordinary buildings

People often seem not to care or forget about rendering their buildings damp-proof. This could be primarily because of lack of awareness on the issue. Most people apparently are either unaware of the potential adverse impacts of dampness in their buildings or some of them possibly simply ignore it as a minor issue until it … Continue reading

Widely used Construction Equipments

Construction equipments are integral parts of any construction project, be it industrial project, building project, pipeline project or any other for that matter. Without construction equipments a project would virtually come to a standstill. There are many varieties of these equipments meant for diverse purposes. Due to frequent development of technologies and ever changing needs, … Continue reading

Roads with flexible pavement – Part 5

Contd. from Part 4 …. ( https://civilconstructionresourcez.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/roads-with-flexible-pavement-part-4 ) For mixing purpose, bitumen for the bituminous base course is to be heated to a temperature between 135¤C and 170¤C. The aggregates are to be dried in hot bins at a max. temperature of 170C. In case the aggregates have enough moisture in it to cause foam … Continue reading

Another mega LNG – project gets underway next month

Construction work for the Ichthys Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project in Darwin, Australia, one of the biggest of it’s kind, will be commencing shortly according to news reports. The project would be built by a JV comprising of Japan based energy company Inpex and French based Total SA at estimated capex of a whopping US … Continue reading

Tailor-made holiday packages for techies!

Who doesn’t like to go on vacation ! So does a techie too. An well deserved trip to a holiday spot after a long hectic schedule can be one of the sweetest pies life has to offer. Now, this being a civil construction related blog the term “techie” here is primarily limited to civil construction … Continue reading

The fantastic Regatta hotel in Jakarta

This amazing structure overlooking the Java sea, sprawling accross eleven hectres of reclaimed land, is one and the biggest of the eleven towers built in that land. Based on a sea related concept, the ten 30-storey apartment towers represent ten “sailing ships” around a “lighting tower” represented by none other than the gorgeous hotel itself, … Continue reading