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Grouts & grouting (Part-I)

Material used for filling the space or gap between the base or base plate of a column, trestle, machine etc. and the top surface of it’s foundation is called grout and the process of filling grout is called grouting. The main objectives of grouting is to maintain alignment of the erected structure or equipment etc. … Continue reading

Structural Steel in project sites (Part-II)

Contd. from Part-I…. Camber or sweep (where necessary), dimensions, layout etc. are checked as per fabrication & erection drawings. Priming & painting of structural steel members are examined as per relevant guidelines. Dry film thickness of paint coats may be checked with ELCO meter. Fabricated structural members are well identified with erection marks in order … Continue reading

Structural Steel in project sites (Part-I)

An integral element of most construction projects is structural steel and steelwork. Few points on inspection of the same in a construction project site, especially for construction personnel with no or very less experience in this field, are briefly discussed here: Upon arrival of structural steel at construction project site, various documents related to those, … Continue reading

Miscellaneous useful points on Cement (Part-III)

Contd. from Part-II…. Storage of cement: Primary purpose of proper & safe storage of cement is to safeguard it from it’s arch-enemy, i.e. moisture. An efficient storage structure must be a damp proof one, i.e., it’s floors, walls, roofs etc. should be damp or leak proof. All openings, i.e. doors, windows, ventilators etc. should be … Continue reading

Miscellaneous useful points on Cement (Part-II)

Contd. from Part-I …. Super Sulphate cement is very much resistant to chemical attack. This cement can be suitably used in concrete to be poured in acidic environment. It is also suitable for mass concrete work due to it’s low heat of hydration. Concrete having this cement tends to shrink or expand depending on whether … Continue reading

Miscellaneous useful points on cement (Part-I)

Type of cement to be used in concrete is primarily choosen based on criteria like strength, durability and other specific requirements necessary for various kinds of work. Cements used in general concrete work are: Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Rapid Hardening Portland Cement (RHPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Low Heat Portland Cement … Continue reading

Miscellaneous useful points on Concrete (Part-III)

Contd. from Part-II…. * Some statistics reveal that the strength of hardened concrete in a project site structure is expected to be only within 55 to 80% of the cube strength results for the same concrete due to practical reasons like difference in manner of placing, compaction, curing etc. So, supposing concrete of M40 grade … Continue reading