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Miscellaneous useful points on Concrete (Part-II)

Contd. from Part-I…. * Concrete that is strong may not be durable too. While strength is a very important characteristic, it does not necessarily ensure durability in concrete. For example, concrete mix having excess chloride in it may show good 7 days & 28 days strength and yet may have durability issues. That’s because the … Continue reading

Miscellaneous useful points on Concrete (Part-I)

When it comes to civil construction or engineering, one of the motley construction materials that come to mind instantly is probably concrete, apart from reinforcement steel, cement, bricks etc. That’s because, it is such a widely used element virtually in any construction project in any part of the world. Here, few points about concrete, useful … Continue reading

Slipform Technique of concrete pouring (Part-II)

(Contd. from Part-I)….. Some of the salient components of a typical slipform equipment are: * Several units of steel forms of suitable size. The number of forms is a function of the bottom diameter of the structure. So, if the length of each form is, say 2.5m, then the total number of forms required comes … Continue reading