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Quality Control Laboratory for civil construction work

Quality Control Laboratories and civil construction work always go hand in hand and such laboratories are integral elements of all major construction project sites. A typical Quality Control Laboratory meant primarily for concreting, routine soil tests etc. in an Indian construction project site may have most or all of the following items in addition to other project specific items which could vary from project to project:

1. IS Sieve Sets: 80mm, 63mm, 50mm, 40mm, 31.5mm, 25mm, 20mm, 16mm, 12.5mm, 10mm, 6.3mm, 4.75mm, 2.36mm, 1.18mm, 600micron, 300micron, 150micron, 75micron & 125mm pan.

2. Balance: Digital balance of 10kg capacity with LC of 1gm & Balance with LC of 1mg. A physical balance with larger capacity also might often prove to be handy.
3. Standard
4. Electric oven.
5. Standard cube moulds – 150mm size.
6. Standard cube moulds – 70.60mm size.
7. Cube crushing machine with 2 dial gauges & brick plate attachment.
8. Vicat Apparatus.
9. English type trowel.
10. Slump cone with tamping rod.
11. Core cutters with collars.
12. Standard Proctor Test Apparatus.
13. Modified Proctor Test Apparatus.
14. Casagrande apparatus.
15. Mortar testing apparatus (Penitrometer).
16. Sand replacement method apparatus.
17. Digital thermometer – 200C & ordinary thermometer-50C.
18. Pycnometer.
19. Specific gravity bottol-50ml capacity.
20. Digital type Hygrometer.
21. Screw gauge.
22. Spatula.
23. Digital stop watch.
24. Digital Vernier Calliper.
25. Moiture meter.
26. Standard steel tapes.
27. Measuring cylinders- 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml.
28. Standard sand of grades- I, II & III.
29. Los Angeles Abrasion
Testing apparatus.
30. Standard cylindrical measure with plunger for Aggregates Crushing Value test.
31. Standard Impact Testing Machine, 75mm dia. cylindrical measure & tamping rod for Aggregates Impact Value test.
32. Compaction Factor testing apparatus.
33. Rebound Hammer testing apparatus (Schmidt Hammer) for NDT on concrete strength.
34. Le-Chatelier apparatus for determining soundness of cement.


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3 thoughts on “Quality Control Laboratory for civil construction work

  1. Q.C.Laboratory all civil work farmat please give me.

    Posted by kamlesh parimal | February 18, 2016, 12:47
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