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Slipform Technique of concrete pouring (Part-I)

Slipform Construction Technique refers to casting concrete in dynamic or moving formwork in contrast to the most commonly used formwork that needs dismantling & re-installing at frequent intervals. This system of construction ensures that the entire formwork system keeps moving upwards steadily even as the concreting progresses. This method is quite suitable for large diameter … Continue reading

Quality Control Laboratory for civil construction work

Quality Control Laboratories and civil construction work always go hand in hand and such laboratories are integral elements of all major construction project sites. A typical Quality Control Laboratory meant primarily for concreting, routine soil tests etc. in an Indian construction project site may have most or all of the following items in addition to … Continue reading

A Thermal Power Project at a glance (Part-2)

Part-1 of this article discussed the Turbo-Generator & the Power House structures of a thermal power plant. Some other important components of such a plant are: The Boiler Structure: As the name suggests, this very important structure hosts the boiler drum at a certain height. It is usually a quite tall structural steel framework consisting … Continue reading

A Thermal Power Project at a glance (Part 1)

Civil construction personnel new to a thermal power project and seeking to have a brief overall idea of the same may find this article handy. While few minor things could vary from plant to plant, broadly most element would be similar & may differ only in shapes & sizes. Following are some of the major … Continue reading